Wednesday, 2 December 2015

My Swimming

First we learned about how to fall into the water on with or back and do the mushroom float then flap like a chicken. Push the water towards your leg's and we were not aloud to stand up our we will have to do it again.

Secondly a few minutes later we had to get a life jacket and get in a circle to keep warm who ever those it wrong has to do one Press - up it was fine not that hard to do one Press - up. The boys were doing really bad they keep on doing one Press - up but they don't even care.

I really like to learn how to swim. It was all about survival!.

Monday, 30 November 2015

My Creation


This is a easy and quick creation just to show you what I did.
Hope you like it!.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

France Facts

  • Population: more than 65.7 million people live in the country (2012)
    • Capital: Paris, with 2,2 million inhabitants
    • Name: Republique Francaise (French Republic)
    • Motto: 'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite' (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity)
    • Government: Democracy
    • Language: French
    • Religion: mainly Christians (Roman Catholics 64%)
    • Currency: 1 Euro=100 cents, until 2002 French Franc
    • History: In 700-500 BC the Celtic Gaul arrive in France. In 58-50BC Roman Emperor Julius Caesar defeats the Gaul and France becomes part of the Roman Empire until 476AD. French was ruled by kings for many centuries until the storming of the Bastille during the French Revolution in 1789. Then Napoleon becomes Emperor of the French Republic until he is sent to exile.
    • Flag: blue, white and red. The French refer to the flag as 'Tricolore' (French for 'three colours')

    Stage Show

    “ Wow there is a lot of people in the performance! ” I said. The sun was out looking down at us, people talking like Kookaburras chattering away and it looked like a sea of people everywhere. Me and my friend Carol and I had to line up with the other kids in our class.

    When we sat down the Principal went up on the stage and said a few words while she was talking in the microphone I quietly whispered “ It’s a little to loud ” She agreed to my comment and said “ Yah it is ”. Then Room 16 went up on the stage shaking with fear! but the girls had gorges skirts and the boy had wonderful head bands a few minutes later they were finished and more and more Rooms came on. (...ONE HOUR LATER…)

    It was finally Room 5’s turn next!. My heart was pounding and I was shaking with fear and I was very shy like a sea clam. When Room 5 went up the stage, grabbed the shiny white and blue sticks. I saw my Mum, Jackie. When we started I said to my partner Carol “ DO NOT DROP THE STICKS! ”. First we started flipping the sticks from LH to RH (Left to right), throned one of the sticks side to side, two sticks together SUDDENLY Carol dropped a stick! NO! I fort in my head.

    I really liked it very much because you get to face your fears on the frightening stage so you don’t need to be afraid!!!.

    Tuesday, 10 November 2015

    Tagul Is Awesome

    Tagul is a awesome website you should go on it. You can almost make anything I made a horse out of word you can too if you want!.

    Monday, 9 November 2015

    High Jumps

    You Will Need To Remember:

    1. Always do the scissors jump when you jump.
    2. Jump with the correct leg ( The one you kick the ball with )
    3. Need two poles on each side and put one in the middle by the two poles.
    4. Always check that your leg is straight. 

    Wednesday, 28 October 2015

    How To Make A Parachute

    What you need:
    1. Plastic bag
    2. Scissors
    3. 8 pieces of string
    4. A action figure for the weight

    What to do:

    Cut a large square out of the plastic bag, trim the edges so that it looks like a octagon, make 8 little holes then put the eight strings in each hole finally attach the action figure then your ready to go!!!.

    Tuesday, 27 October 2015

    Reading Eggs

    On Tuesday the sun was out shining like bright golden corn, clouds were like vanilla ice-cream and the kids in room 5 everyone was chattering away talking about Reading Eggs. I was doing my test about reading it was easy but it got harder and harder.

    Then everyone walked slowly to the mat talking away quietly. Miss Nicola said "Room 5 now we are going to do some reading" but first Miss Nicola told me to get my computer and show them where is the  library, lesson, spelling and the mall.

    Then we all walked back quickly to our desk and started reading the book called Tokyo. It was fun and I really like very much. 

    Thursday, 22 October 2015


    This is a recount about the Mine - craft symposium I hope you like it!!!.

    On Tuesday it was symposium day and room 5 was doing Mine - craft. The sun was peeking out it was like a gigantic blazing fireball, the clouds were like
    candy floss, the birds were singing sweet songs, everyone on the mat was chattering away happily. We were getting ready for the symposium. Miss Nicola voted for two guards out of a hat and the ten stations, we brainstormed
    about how will it help us learn and we moved the tables slowly.

    When it was 11 o'clock that was when the symposium started. First room 2 came in and
    looked at our I pads to see what we were doing. Carol was guarding the I pads. I was showing them where was the items, tools, decorations and blocks. A few minutes later Miss Starling clapped her hands loud and
    clear everyone looked at the teacher and Miss Starling said “say thank you room 5” and
    room 2 said “thank you... room five...” and they walked of slowly.

    The bell chimed once everyone ran quickly back to their classroom and ate their lunch slowly then went to play. A few 10 minutes later we all went back to class Miss Nicola showed us the reading eggs it was good for our learning I liked the symposium because I like showing people new things and I really liked the reading eggs program it was very FUN!!!.

    Link to Mine - craft presentation

    Minecraft by Djohaal

    Monday, 19 October 2015

    Fire Drill

    Verbs And Adverbs

    On Monday we were learning how to use verbs and adverbs for our recount like loudly the bell chimed, Everyone ran quickly to there line, Miss Nicola seriously checked the roll.

    Check My Link

    Saturday, 17 October 2015

    Wasp Fright!!!

    On Friday at lunchtime we were having fun playing with the hay

    the game that we was play playing war... suddenly the bell rang three 

    times ring, ring, ring everyone was running back to there 

    classroom because there was a GIANT WASP HIVE we 

    all ran quickly and screamed back to class yelling "Bee hive, 

    bee hive watch out" They tried to swarm us but they were not 

    fast. There wings flapped fast like lightning.

    Friday, 16 October 2015

    Quick Ways To Learn Division

    On Friday Miss Nicola teaches us how to solve a maths problem using Strategies in division. We learnt it last term but I forgot so we did it again to remember what we did. It was easy and fun!!!.

    Thursday, 15 October 2015

    How To Keep Safe When There Is A Earthquake

    There are a few rules how to keep safe
    1. When a earthquake happens you have to... Drop, Cover, Hold!!!.
    2. You don't take anything with you because it will slow you down and there not as importing as you are.
    3. When your alone and an earthquake those happen call for HELP!!!.
    4. If you are in a car and then a earthquake happens tell your mum to drive to a safe place and stay there an till your mum thinks its OK to go. 

    Monday, 10 August 2015



    It was a bright sunny afternoon. The sky was blue as water. Clouds were like candyfloss and the sun was as bright as yellow corn. I was outside sitting on the grass looking in a hole under the house.

    In the hole was Silky my cat. She had babies in her stomach. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see them. The next day I woke up early and jumped out of bed, put on my clothes, brushed my teeth and ate my delicious healthy oats. I ran outside.

    I looked in the hole and I saw 10 kittens. They were all tabby cats. A few minutes later when Mum woke up I asked “Mum can I hold one of the kittens please?”
    “Yes” said Mum, “but put them back.”
    “OK.” I said.

    I reached my hands out and lifted one up. The one I lifted had blue bulgy eyes. I thought that one was cute. It was cuddly too.
    I said “To ataahua hoki.” It purred at me.

    Saturday, 4 July 2015

    At The Beach

    WALT: Have an opinion and described of an object.

    At the beach there lie colourful shells. White bleached sticks, grass like hair that never falls down a cloud of seagulls squeaking and wheeling that never stop over my head. Waves like long fingers cover the sand. Out and in they go. I ran to the rugged rocks where there is excitement to explore. Tiny fish jumps throw the water. Out and in out and in they go. Seaweed lie still as a statue among the rocks a silent-world with silent creatures as mum set out the picnic table there were sandwiches, chips, fizzy drinks, fruit and ice blocks “YUM!” I said loudly as the seagulls tried to steal our food for themselves but would not let them so I chased them away I wish to go there another time but with my friends.

    Friday, 5 June 2015


    A little puppy is born in spring.  They cannot see or eat.  They are pink but they can drink milk from their mother and they have to keep warm or they will freeze to death.  Everyone loves puppies and there are popular dogs like Domestic dogs, fancy dogs, fluffy dogs, sausage dogs, fast dogs and cranky dogs.  There are lots of different types of dogs and dogs have been with humans long long ago too.

    Thursday, 26 February 2015

    What Animal Will I Be?


    Nile Crocodile

    I will be a Nile crocodile because it can swim, hunt, eat. It has a giant mouth to hunt for animals and there size is 16 ft (5 M), Weight: 500 Lbs (225 kg). Bask (on land) or float (in water) That's all the facts about Nile crocodile.