Saturday, 4 July 2015

At The Beach

WALT: Have an opinion and described of an object.

At the beach there lie colourful shells. White bleached sticks, grass like hair that never falls down a cloud of seagulls squeaking and wheeling that never stop over my head. Waves like long fingers cover the sand. Out and in they go. I ran to the rugged rocks where there is excitement to explore. Tiny fish jumps throw the water. Out and in out and in they go. Seaweed lie still as a statue among the rocks a silent-world with silent creatures as mum set out the picnic table there were sandwiches, chips, fizzy drinks, fruit and ice blocks “YUM!” I said loudly as the seagulls tried to steal our food for themselves but would not let them so I chased them away I wish to go there another time but with my friends.