Thursday, 22 October 2015


This is a recount about the Mine - craft symposium I hope you like it!!!.

On Tuesday it was symposium day and room 5 was doing Mine - craft. The sun was peeking out it was like a gigantic blazing fireball, the clouds were like
candy floss, the birds were singing sweet songs, everyone on the mat was chattering away happily. We were getting ready for the symposium. Miss Nicola voted for two guards out of a hat and the ten stations, we brainstormed
about how will it help us learn and we moved the tables slowly.

When it was 11 o'clock that was when the symposium started. First room 2 came in and
looked at our I pads to see what we were doing. Carol was guarding the I pads. I was showing them where was the items, tools, decorations and blocks. A few minutes later Miss Starling clapped her hands loud and
clear everyone looked at the teacher and Miss Starling said “say thank you room 5” and
room 2 said “thank you... room five...” and they walked of slowly.

The bell chimed once everyone ran quickly back to their classroom and ate their lunch slowly then went to play. A few 10 minutes later we all went back to class Miss Nicola showed us the reading eggs it was good for our learning I liked the symposium because I like showing people new things and I really liked the reading eggs program it was very FUN!!!.

Link to Mine - craft presentation

Minecraft by Djohaal