Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Stage Show

“ Wow there is a lot of people in the performance! ” I said. The sun was out looking down at us, people talking like Kookaburras chattering away and it looked like a sea of people everywhere. Me and my friend Carol and I had to line up with the other kids in our class.

When we sat down the Principal went up on the stage and said a few words while she was talking in the microphone I quietly whispered “ It’s a little to loud ” She agreed to my comment and said “ Yah it is ”. Then Room 16 went up on the stage shaking with fear! but the girls had gorges skirts and the boy had wonderful head bands a few minutes later they were finished and more and more Rooms came on. (...ONE HOUR LATER…)

It was finally Room 5’s turn next!. My heart was pounding and I was shaking with fear and I was very shy like a sea clam. When Room 5 went up the stage, grabbed the shiny white and blue sticks. I saw my Mum, Jackie. When we started I said to my partner Carol “ DO NOT DROP THE STICKS! ”. First we started flipping the sticks from LH to RH (Left to right), throned one of the sticks side to side, two sticks together SUDDENLY Carol dropped a stick! NO! I fort in my head.

I really liked it very much because you get to face your fears on the frightening stage so you don’t need to be afraid!!!.