Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Walt : Retell a past event
WILF : Correct sequence of an event

“No school work today, we're cooking’’ Miss Wihongi gasped with joy. Fantastic I thought to myself, I finally get to taste apple crumble.
“Andrew’’ Miss Wihongi called my name . I dashed to the back of the room and slipped on the blue sticky latex gloves. I snatched a blunt orange potato peeler from the stack I held my luscious apple in my other hand. I began to peel. I slide my load of apples into the gigantic pot. It’s ready to cook. Off to the staffroom we galloped.
I mixed sugar and butter together. Then flour. It looked like dirty bread crumbs. I evenly sprinkled this on top of the stewed apple. I shoved it into the hot blazing oven. It smelt like my mum’s apple pie. I gazed into the hot sizzling oven.
The bubbles reminded me of hot shocking lava. “It’s ready whanau. Haere mai ki te kai”. Miss Wihongi yelled. Sprinted to snatch a green bowl and waited for everyone else. I hungrily scooped a big mouthful. Yum! I thought. What a wonderful day.